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Clip-Clop Chronicles: Volume 2

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Clip-Clop Chronicles: Volume 2

Over the summer, chocolate rider Roz (as she likes to call herself) made big strides in her personal equestrian journey; she started a new business, beat her nemesis, Zoe, in her first-ever Beginner Novice event and won the support of her family - a family who didn't believe riding horses was a sport, let alone a sport in which Black people participated.


After hearing a rumor that she will soon be getting her very own horse, Roz secretly prepares for her new equine partner, Gator. Though she quickly learns how tricky it can be planning for something that she's not supposed to know about. Focused on keeping a positive mindset, Roz presses on.


During her preparations, Roz is tested by her family. They believe riding horses is not that hard, and make a bet that they can easily learn how to ride. As they are all athletes, Roz finds herself doubting her own riding abilities and fearing that her family may be right. On top of that, Roz has been paired with Zoe for a class project, forcing the enemies to put aside their differences for the sake of a good grade.


If Roz can keep her plans secret, prove to her family that riding is harder than it looks, and work with Zoe without punching her in the face, this may be the best Christmas yet. It's not going to be easy, but with the help of her twin sister Estelle, her best friend Cristy, and her new friend Jazzy, it just might be possible.

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